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helping business professionals in Oxford, leamington spa, stratford and banbury to stand out and attract new clients.

Why is having a Professional Headshot important?

You only get one chance to make a first impression

There is more to professional headshot’s than just a selfie on your phone. A professional headshot should show off who you are, and what you want people to feel when they see it for the first time.

1. Professional Appearance. In todays world everyone will search for you online to get a feeling for who you are, even before they have met you or even contacted you. This will be their first impression of you and they will be looking for a trusting face. A professional headshot should be representative of who you are and what the business values are. You will use it everywhere, on your own personal or business website, your social media pages, this is what people are going to relate to.

The value of your headshot far outweighs the price for the amount of years you will get use out of it and the impression it will make on your business.

Whether your nervous about having your picture taken please don’t worry as I will work with you to produce the best headshots. Using lighting techniques, and poses that will enhance your outfit. Ultimately we will work together to produce wonderful headshots that will make you look your very best. We can do either studio or outdoor headshots depending on the look and message you’re wanting to create.

What do we aim for with headshots?

We aim to show three main factors through a headshot.

1) Professional – A good headshot will make you look professional and credible. It will ultimately encourage people to trust you.

2) Confident – Everyone is attracted to a confident individual, someone who is confident in their professional skills. A confident headshot will make you stand out from your competitors.

3) Approachable – A friendly face will make people want to work with you. Looking approachable is a key factor in gaining new clients.


If you would like to Book a session you can do here or if you have any questions contact us



1. BOOKING YOUR professional Headshot photography session

Booking your session reserves you a space in the busy studio diary,  if there isn’t a time and date that suit please get in contact and we will be sure to try and accommodate. This includes a consultation to ensure we get the exact shots that you need.


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2. professional Headshot photography session

It can be held at our wonderful Oxfordshire photography studio we have space for both studio and outdoor photography depending on the look you’re going for.

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3. viewing session

At the end of the session we will sit down and select the images that you’d like to purchase, each image is a cost of £30.


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