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Why is newborn photography important?

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Professional Newborn Photography is a highly regarded skill! Newborn baby shots can be the most challenging pictures to take. The difficult part of the a Newborn session is having your bundle of joy cooperate throughout the session however with many tips and tricks I have when it comes to settling it is a very enjoyable session. If you want more information about how to settle your newborn check out my blog
The first rule to live by with your newborn photography is that they are in charge of the shoot. There are tips and tricks that I have developed over the years of Newborn Photography in order to get those wonderful images or your bundle of joy.
 Professional newborn photography provides you with the most wonderful and magical images, you only get one chance to capture those wrinkles and toes!

why is newborn photography important?

  • Professional Newborn Photography takes years of training to master the craft. By doing this you are going to not only be taking advantage of my years of training but also the creativity that comes with the experience. I have photographed hundreds of Newborns so know the right angle, cute poses and gorgeous props, however I love it when you bring some props or outfits that make the session personal to you.
  • I have invested in state of the art lighting and equipment which allows me to capture the most beautiful images of your gorgeous baby.
  • With all the overwhelming emotions that come with a newborn baby it can be very easy for days to pass by so quickly. Allow us to preserve this special time and capture all those wrinkles and little features and for you to enjoy the here and now as bright and beautiful as the day they were taken.
  • Held at our lovely and warm studio, it’s a relaxed space for you as we know how hectic life can be with a Newborn baby, while we create the stunning memories of your new baby.

Newborn photography lasts a lifetime!

We know how hectic the few first few weeks of having your Newborn Baby can be and how quickly this time can fly! Before you’ve realised weeks and months have flew by and your Newborn baby will change massively and lose those tiny newborn wrinkles. This is why we say it is important to capture your Newborn within 7-10 days as this gives us that opportunity to capture their Newborn features. As a parent myself I know how quickly time will fly and how important memories are, so allow us to freeze time and capture those memories that you can cherish for a lifetime!

Why is Newborn Photography important?

how soon should you book a newborn session?

I always suggest that you try and book your Newborn Photography session after your scan at around 20 weeks. I advice doing it early in your pregnancy as one thing less to think and stress about later in your pregnancy.  By booking in early you’ll have plenty of time to prepare for the session and ask any questions that you may have with. One question I get asked alot is ‘What happens if my baby comes early or late?’.  I always keep spaces in my diary each week just incase your baby has arrived early or late. We will always accommodate you and your bundle of joy so you don’t need to stress. For more information on how to prepare for a Newborn session click here

In conclusion, Professional Newborn Photography is a wonderful experience that you can relax whilst we create some photography magic. I have developed skills overtime to make sure your photos turn out beautiful. Newborn photography will last you a lifetime, giving you beautiful memories to cherish for years to come.


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