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Tips on how to settle your newborn

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Congratulations on the arrival on your bundle of joy! What an amazing time you’re in, however it can feel tired and exhausting as they won’t sleep! Throughout this blog I’m going to give you some tips that I have learnt not only from the five years of Newborn photography where I have settled hundreds of babies (check out some of my work here) but from also having two children of my own. Some babies are little stars and settle much easier than others, however for most it needs a little push in the right direction on our behalf.

What I have learnt with both of my children is that what works for one may not work for the next. A lot of it comes down to trial and error, sticking with a certain technique if it works or trying something new if it doesn’t.

What can help your newborn baby sleep?

Here are some of my top tips to help your little one sleep. Most of these tips work better in conjunction with each other.

  • Space
  • Suckling
  • Shushing
  • Secure
  • Warm
  • Fed & Dry

Below I will give you a bit more information on how to implement each tip, and hopefully something might click for yourself and your little one.

Fed & Dry

The most important factor, is to make sure that your little one has a got a full tummy before you put them down this helps them settle and fall asleep. By putting a fresh clean nappy is a huge help, changing their nappy before you put them down will help them settle for longer as they will be more comfortable throughout their sleep.

Once you’ve fed your baby, encourage them to bring any wind up. This goes for both bottle fed and breastfed, as babies can gulp down extra air when they feed. By doing this once they have fed is easier then trying to settle them once the wind has reached their stomach.


Your newborn baby have immature circulatory system which ultimately means they aren’t good at regulating their own temperature, they can get too hot or cold very quickly. To check your babies temperature it is best to check their chest/back as they are more likely to have cold hands and feet.

A good trick I have used in the past that if you’re using a cot or a Moses basket to pre warm it with a hot water bottle. Put your hot water in 5 minutes before you’re going to put them down, your little one will transition better from your warm chest into the warm cot/basket which will allow them to settle better.


Shushing your little one will help replicate the noises they heard in the womb. One I use in the studio is white noise, this helps take out any background noises that could startle or intrigue your baby. A lot of the time with a warm studio and white noise babies tend to settle better allowing me to capture beautiful images.


A babies coping mechanism is to suckle, it is calming and comforting. Dummy’s are proven that they can be used alongside breastfeeding, however not everyone will use dummy’s. However I have found with my experiences dummy’s help with that sucking instinct they have. Ultimately you have to do what feels right for yourself and your baby.


A lot of the time babies fall asleep being cuddled, however like anyone sometimes they can be over tired. Giving your little one space and letting them calm down can work wonders. You will want to keep your room dark and use some white noise or shushing which can help sooth and calm them down. In a nutshell babies are just like us! A calming and relaxed area can calm our minds and allow us to sleep so much easier.

Tips on how to settle your newborn

We hope you found our tips on how to settle your newborn useful for more information have a look at the NHS website


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