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Packing your bag for labour

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Are you all ready for the big day? (week 36) is advisable. Below I shall give you a checklist which will help you pack your bag so you have everything for yourself and your bundle of joy when they arrive, I also advise your partner to pack a little bag from my past experience with my children. Packing together is a lovely experience with the excitement building and it will allow you to check each others bag to make sure you have not missed anything as it is easy to with the all the excitement.

Packing your bag for Labour

packing your bag for labour

  1. Hospital File – Have your medical records with you so that they are able to see your medical history.
  2. Dressing Gown – A nice soft dressing gown is perfect for pacing around during labour or afterwards if you spend time in hospital. It is important for you to be comfortable throughout.
  3. Warm Socks – Another comfort item, having warm socks will keep you warm throughout your labour.
  4. Slippers & Flip Flops – You’ll want slippers that are comfortable and easy to slip on and off as you walk round the hospital ward. You’ll want to pack some flip-flops for using in the shower.
  5. Lip Balm – During Labour your lips can get chapped, so having lip balm will help keep them hydrated.
  6. Water Spray – You can find yourself getting hot in labour so it could help to spray some water on your face and neck to cool you down.
  7. A comfortable pillow – You may want some home comfort that you are used to so taking a pillow is a good idea. Once again comfort is key so it is a good idea to bring these items that will make you comfy.
  8. Relaxing items to pass the time – You will want to pack some items that will make the time pass, this can be a book, magazines, a tablet with movies or your favourite series downloaded on it.
  9. Eye mask and ear plugs – With the Maternity ward being bright and busy an eye mask and ear plugs will allow you to get some rest.

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packing your bag for post delivery

  1. Nightdresses – You’ll need something that is comfortable to sleep while you’re in hospital as having substantial rest is important. You will want to pack a front opening one if you plan on breastfeeding.
  2. Heavy Duty Maternity Pads – It is a good idea to pack plenty of heavy duty Maternity pads, just in case. It is normal to bleed a lot after birth, Maternity pads are softer and more absorbent than your standard pads.
  3. Underwear – Pack multiple pairs or comfy underwear, some that are big enough for the Maternity pads.
  4. Bras – Be prepared by having a few nursing bras or comfortable bras for your stay in hospital.
  5. Toiletries – You will want to take your basic toiletries  (Towels; Hairbrush; Deodorant; Toothbrush; Toothpaste; Shower gel & Shampoo; Hairdryer) You’ll want to also take a bag that you can put your washing in.
  6. Phone & Charger – By having your phone you will be able to stay in touch with your loved ones, and you’ll be able to capture those first few precious moment with your baby. You will also be able to announce the arrival of your bundle of joy.
  7. Clothes – You will want to pack some comfortable clothes, you will want to take into consideration packing an outfit for the journey home. You’ll want clothes that have elasticated waists or drawstring to avoid being uncomfortable.
  8. Snacks & Drinks – Labour can be very long, so I always suggest packing some snacks and drinks that you like. Having those home comforts will keep you relaxed throughout your hospital stay.

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packing a bag for your partner

  1. Snack and drinks – It can be stressful for your supportive partner and having home comfort drinks and snacks will relax them. You’ll want to pack some change for the hospital vending machines as well.
  2. Phone – Like I said above pack a phone and a charger to stay in contact with your loved ones, as well as capturing those first special moments of your bundle of joy.
  3. Clothes – Having plenty of clothes is essential as you don’t know how long the hospital stay will be so by having spare clothes will cover you for all eventualities.
  4. A pillow – Rest is also important for your partner as it can be a tiring process for them as well. So the both of you having lots of rest is crucial.
  5. Entertainment – Your partner also having entertainment is important to make time pass, tablets, reading and music players are all good options.

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packing a bag for your bABy

  1. Babygrows – With baby grows you will want to pack ones that open at the front.
  2. Socks and Booties – Your newborn baby can get cold very easily, even during the skin on skin contact your baby can wear hats and socks.
  3. Blanket – The hospital is likely to provide you with a blanket however having your own blanket is always good to have, you will be able to use this to keep your baby warm in the car seat on the way home.
  4. Nappies – You will want to bring nappies that are especially for newborns. You can get any brand of nappies here is an example
  5. Wipes – A newborn babies skin is very sensitive so it is suggested to use cotton wool balls and water, or you can get sensitive baby wipes.
  6. Muslin Squares – Muslin Squares are put over your shoulder as it will stop dribble from getting on your clothes.
  7. An outfit to go home – You will want to pack an outfit to travel home in, you will have to take into consideration the time of the year as to what you dress your baby in. You must remember that thick coats & jackets should be removed before putting your baby in the car seat for safety.

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