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Fun Things to do while pregnant

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Being pregnant is one of the best feelings in the world for a woman. Feeling your baby grow inside you gives a mother a sense of relief and satisfaction like nothing else. But pregnancy can also put stress on both you and your partner, you can forget to have fun in your pregnancy.

I am listing here all the fun things and hobbies that expecting mums can take up to make their pregnancy fun! Picking up even 1 or 2 can do wonders for your mind and body. Here are my fun things to do in your pregnancy.

Go on a babymoon

Whether you go on a day trip somewhere I would suggest going as much as you can. I would even suggest taking a holiday somewhere just to relax! Make a list of the places that you want to go to (a bucket type list) whether its the beach; countryside; a boat ride; a festival. Spending quality time with your partner before you bundle of joy arrives is super important, creating those memories is crucial.

Go Maternity shopping

When your bump starts to grow so will the demand for a new wardrobe. You should feel super comfortable and confident in your clothes. There are so many gorgeous and stylish maternity clothes that you can pick up. It is important to love your maternity period and make memories this starts from feeling comfortable in your clothing.

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Write down your baby names

Picking your babies name takes time. There are so many decisions to be made whether you go for a traditional name, or whether you go for something named after a family member. The options are endless and it is a really exciting time! A little piece of advice from me is not to tell everyone, they will all have their opinion and this will only throw your decision off.

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Decorate the nursery

This isn’t something you’ll want to put off until the third trimester when you’ll be knackered! Do it now, and take your time to find exactly the touches and details you want, from the right colour for the walls to just the right crib sheets and books. This is a brilliant thing to do with your partner as the excitement builds as the nursery comes together. Once the nursery is complete you will be waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive and you’ll be counting down the days.


I have found with conversations with my clients that they found swimming was great for light exercising and it made them feel a lot lighter. Swimming is great if your joints are sore and you’re coming towards the end of your pregnancy however it’s great during the whole of your pregnancy. Check with your local pool as they may have dedicated time slots for pregnancy swims, just women sessions or quieter times so it worth having a look.

Have a pamper session

This is my top tip! Go and get yourself booked into the spa for the day. A lot of spa’s will offer prenatal massages or facials, the only thing to be aware of is some oils to avoid during pregnancy (oils with retinoid.) By having a relaxing spa day it will help with the stress and calm the mood swings, it will also help to keep you looking great and glowing throughout your pregnancy.

Bannatynes is a local spa to me in Banbury which offers luxurious treatments for all. I have personally had a treatment there with my wife and I thoroughly recommend it.

painting your belly

This is a really fun activity to do with your partner! Get yourself some non-toxic paint and create some masterpieces. Some good ideas for designs is a watermelon, the world, an emoji, you could design anything. Having fun during your pregnancy is important and this activity is one of those bonding times! Take lots of photos throughout and especially of the finished product!

Gender reveal or pregnancy announcement

Now the first trimester is out of the way you can relax and start spreading the amazing news! You could think of something more memorable than just “I’m pregnant” not only will it make the news more special for your friends and family but for you as well. However if you’ve already announced your wonderful news you can create a gender-reveal announcement or even create a get together of your friends and family for the special moment. Check out my other blog on creative way to do gender reveals.


Let’s be honest when your Newborn baby arrives you won’t be getting that much sleep! There will be a lot of sleepless nights to the point you won’t know what day of the week it is. So take the time during pregnancy to rest, whether you fall asleep in front of the TV or in bed it is important to rest your body you’re growing a baby inside you!

Eating out at restaurants

As they say when you’re pregnant you’re eating for two, so there’s the perfect excuse to go out and eat. Doing this with your partner or friends will not only create memories throughout pregnancy but feed yourself and your little one.


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